Become an IPGA Guide


There is no easy path to becoming an IPGA Polar Expedition Guide. All of our current guides are professionals and have dedicated many years to becoming world-class expeditioners, guides and mentors. We are a growing community dedicated to the profession of guiding in polar ice environments and our guides actively contribute to our database of skills and practices.

IPGA guides are:

  • able to guide professionally in polar environments where surface travel over ice is the primary mode, and mountaineering skills are transitory in nature
  • highly skilled in common-practice polar travel techniques
  • able to manage and lead all aspects of an extended polar expedition


IPGA guides possess a range of outstanding qualities and are able to perform a host of skills in a professional manner, including:

  • assessment, selection and preparation of clients
  • selection, procurement and modification of equipment suitable for polar activities in their speciality areas
  • selection, procurement and preparation of food
  • organise all aspects of polar expedition logistics in their speciality areas
  • travel with skill, safety and confidence over any polar ice environment in their speciality areas
  • advanced orientation and navigation skills with maps, compass, GPS etc.
  • determine appropriate guide to client ratios
  • anticipate, assess and mitigate environmental and other threats
  • conduct wilderness first-aid, trauma and rescue procedures
  • be competent in the use of firearms and communications equipment
  • experienced with aircraft ground procedures
  • provide contacts and relevant authorities with a comprehensive operations manual
  • recognise and apply the unique skills demanded of civilian guiding and customer care
  • display a duty of care towards clients
  • respond competently to the leadership, motivational, social and emotional demands of a team
  • consider all environmental aspects of a polar expedition

We welcome your interest in becoming a member and look forward to your contribution to the world of polar guiding.

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