Guide Endorsement Process


  1. Download an application (you must first create an account) and pay a one-off application fee (€25)
  2. Submit your application
  3. Your application is assessed by IPGA's Assessment and Registration Committee (ARC)
  4. Your application is approved (or denied, in which case the applicant is asked to resubmit with advice from the ARC)
  5. Endorsement awarded
  6. Pay your one-off Registration fee (€55) and annual Membership fee (prorated monthly to a maximum of €110)
  7. You become listed in our Directory and are able to work and promote yourself as an IPGA Polar Expedition Guide
  8. Your membership and guiding activity is reviewed annually.

An application for endorsement is declined when 5 members of the board determine that the applicant does not meet the necessary criteria for endorsement.

IPGA also awards Honorary Memberships.

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