Endorsement Conditions


It is important for applicants to understand the inherent complexities and nuances that exist in polar environments and terrains, and that it is the guide's responsibility to pursue the highest level of knowledge, skill and application pertinent to their intended areas of operation.

I. IPGA endorsement does not qualify guides to operate in all areas. It is incumbent on every guide to ensure their skills, practices and certifications are adequate for the environment, terrain and season in which they operate, generally and specifically.

II. Bodies that govern these certifications provide advice on the periodical refreshing of skills and practices. It is the responsibility of IPGA guides to follow this external advice.

III. IPGA guides should recognise that a multitude of variations exist within polar terrains (glaciers, sea ice, high plateau etc.) and that although experience, history, anecdotes, reports, remote sensing tools and any other form of data retrieval may indicate a certain level of predictability, guides should always prepare for the highest levels of risk.

IV. Guides must carry appropriate equipment for the highest levels of risk, matched to the terrain and team size, know how to use it under all conditions and keep maintenance logs as recommended by relevant governing bodies.