Skills and Practices

Common-practice skills and practices of IPGA guides


  1. Assessment, selection and preparation of clients
  2. Selection, procurement and modification of polar equipment
  3. Selection, procurement and preparation of food suitable for a range of polar activities
  4. Organise all aspects of expedition logistics
  5. Travel with skill and confidence over any polar ice environment
  6. Safety
  7. Anticipation, assessment and mitigation of environmental and other threats
  8. Conduct wilderness first-aid procedures
  9. Competent use of firearms
  10. Competent use of communications, navigation and charging equipment
  11. Able to conduct aircraft ground procedures
  12. Produce a comprehensive operations manual
  13. Display a duty of care towards clients
  14. Respond competently to the leadership, motivational, social and emotional demands of a team
  15. Environmental considerations

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