IPGA Tourism Guidelines

IPGA Guidelines for Guides Conducting Tourism in the Polar Regions
In addition to the recommendations and guidelines, IPGA advocates the following standards of environmental conduct:
  • flight sharing to minimise aircraft emissions
  • return and responsible disposal of all food, packaging and other generated waste
  • responsible use of fuels
  • prevention of the introduction of species and diseases to flora and fauna by ensuring that clothing and equipment taken into sensitive polar environments is thoroughly cleaned
  • restricted use of vehicles, aircraft and heavy foot traffic in sensitive areas
  • minimising contact with and disturbance of wildlife
  • respect of local and native communities
  • burial of urine and faeces
  • apply for and abide by the environmental impact permit issued by the relevant governmental authority 
  • where expeditions are covered by a logistics operators permit, the guide and clients must abide by the protocols of that operator/permit
  • help preserve the perception of wilderness and isolation for other users of common routes by reducing the visual impact of your expedition on the environment, ie:
      • dismantle snow walls
      • collect rubbish and waste food
      • cover stains on the snow
      • bury or remove human waste