Using the IPGA Logo

Use of the IPGA logo is for the exclusive use of those individuals who saitisfy ALL of the following criteria:ipga round logo

  • hold an IPGA guide endorsement
  • listed as an 'Active' IPGA guide
  • hold a current IPGA membership

No other logo other than the member logo may be used.

Various formats of the logo are available here to members. 

The IPGA logo may not be altered in any way. It may only be altered in size so long as the original proportions remain the same. 

For companies and businesses that employ polar guides, the member logo may only be used in conjunction with an individual who satisfies all of the above criteria. The company or business may not use the logo in any way that construes the business entity as being endorsed by IPGA.

Any IPGA logo displayed on a website must be linked to www.polarguides.org or to the individual's profile on Guide Directory.

It is the responsibility of the IPGA member to ensure that his/her employing company or business does not violate IPGA's Logo Use Policy.

Failure to Adhere to Logo Use Policy
Should a member have been found to violate the IPGA Logo Use Policy, he/she will receive notification from the Assessment and Regsitration Board that the logo or text is in breach of policy and must be removed or rectified. The member has 30 days to comply with IPGA's request.
Failure to comply with the IPGA Logo Use Policy within 30 days of receiving notification will result in the de-registration of the member for a period of 12 months. No refund for any remaining membership is due.